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Personal Loan Comparison

Here’s how Payday Gorilla Personal Loans compare


0.1% per day
  • Initiation fee: 16.5% of first R 1000 lent + 10% of loan amount over R 1000 (+VAT).

  • Limited to the lessor of 15% of loan amount (+VAT) or R994.75

  • Term: 30 days – 6 month

  • Amount: R 500 – R 8000

  • Service fee: R69/month, pro-rated for the first period


0.17% - 5%
  • Service fee: R60 per month plus 15% VAT

  • Term: 5 – 37 days

  • Amount:  R 500-R 3 000

  • Initiation fee: R165.00 on the first R1000, plus 10% on any value above R1000, to a maximum of R1000, plus 15% VAT

  • We charge a daily interest of 0.17% which is capped at 5% per month

LIME Loans

  • Get the First Loan for R0

  • Term: 4 – 65 days

  • Amount: R 300 – R 5000

  • Clients who get a loan at Lime24 for the first time or are already paying off at least one loan on time can get their next loan with discounted interest rate. The discount size affects the amount of interest accrued and is determined by how many loans were paid off on time. Interest for the first loan is 0%

Express Finance

3% per month (which equates to 36% APR)
  • Inititation Fee: R219.00; Admin Fee: R30.00; Interest: R80.47; VAT: R37.35

  • Term: 34 days;

  • Amount: First time clients will only be able to borrow up to a maximum of R3000; We are the only Credit Provider to give 40% discount on Initiation fee and service fee for your first loan and the only Provider with a special discount rate to Government, State and semi-state owned companies.

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How We Help People

With serious savings, a seamless online application, and unique community benefits, our members have a lot to say about our loans!

This has quite possibly been the best experience that I’ve had—easy application process, great rates, and great customer service.

Aviesha Stephens — about Payday Gorilla
Aviesha Stephens Cape Town

My Payday Gorilla personal loan will save me thousands of dollars in interest. The application process was fast and effortless.

Christopher Campbell Johannesburg

I know I’m making progress and Payday Gorilla given me the freedom to invest that money in other assets. You were my lifeguards! Thank you!

Adam Devine about Payday Gorilla
Adam Devine Durban
Getting a loan is a simple with us! A quick 4 stage application process to get your money!
Apply safely and securely online! Your application instantly reviewed by multiple lenders accept your loan offer! Cash paid in your account today!
What interest rate will I be charged?
Interest rates vary between each lender, however, you could expect to receive of between 5% upwards on the value of your loan. 
Are you a "lender" or a broker?
IPay Loans is an online loan matching broker that connects people to lenders. We are not a lender!

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