Who is Wannaloan?

The name already draws an inquisition, doesn’t it? If you are a South Africa resident and you need some emergency money or a general kind of loan to fix some challenges you do not have enough resources for, Wannaloan is one of your go-to places for help. The salary never seems to be enough to carry out everyday living expenses, let alone unplanned, unprecedented and unforeseen circumstances or even emergencies that one can’t afford to be nonchalant with.

Wannaloan was founded on a need to come to the aid of the average South African who needs to run day-to-day simple activities but doesn’t have cash at hand or money in the bank.

The online financial service is run by professionals who want users to have amazing customer experiences. Wannaloan gives loans every day and every time; the application process is online and quick, the systems that work and the old appointments, paperworks and annoying queues have been eliminated.

AmountPeriodWhat you’ll need
Up to R 3000 for
new customers
37 days1. A cellphone number,
2. SA ID number,
3. Bank account details,
4. Most recent proof of income
Wannaloan — fast loans payday

They offer fast, payday, cash, easy, short-term and personal loans. You will be able to borrow enough loan to cover unplanned expenses and you only have to repay the principal and the interest when you get your next salary. The interest rates Wannaloan gives are not exorbitant, it is actually lower compared to other similar payday loans services and it isn’t charged during the first five days.

WannaLoan — cash loans from Payday Gorilla

In the South African market, Wannaloan is one of the fast-rising payday loan services and since it’s been acclaimed by financial experts that short-term finance might just be the future of the microfinance industry in the country, Wannaloan seems to be one of the big sharks.

How to apply for a loan

The procedure here is pretty easy and instant. The process has been automatized, seamless and effective. In just three simple steps, you can apply for a loan:

  • Use the sliders to indicate how much you’d like to borrow and when you’re getting your paycheck from work. There is a disclaimer here and it is: borrow ONLY what you can afford to pay back! As soon as you’ve selected the amount of cash loan you want, hit the get cash click.
  • The next step to complete the process is providing them with your personal information; they need this to assess your financial intelligence and your ability to refund what you have borrowed. All you need now is sit back and wait for the approval.
  • Once you get the approval, the remaining to-do is left on their part. They do last minute verifications and they should send you a loan within an hour, with all the conditions remaining equal.

One distinguishing feature Wannaloan has been able to maximize, leverage and widen its loans and people reach is seen in Bad Credit Loans. This loan is for people with a very imperfect credit history; they are one of the payday loan services that have shown flexibility to South Africans with a bad credit record. They can give out R500 and up to R3000 to these individuals.