PaydayLoans 2.0

PaydayLoans 2.0

Small 1Month Loans in South Africa

Payday Loans 2.0 is a direct lending broker that offers South Africans affordable payday cash loans online. They are a registered and responsible lender and will always run a credit check prior to approving of a loan request. They have cut out red tapes and unnecessary delays that plague lenders from all corners.

What you’ll need
Up to R1000 for new customers, and increase the size next month depending on your capacity to repay the loan within 40-days. 40 days Your latest greatest bank statement, ID, Bank account details

They offer small personal cash loans designed to help their users through a cash emergency. Whenever you need money quickly, they are able to meet those needs in the shortest time window with one of the best customer services there is. Payday Loans offers fast approval loans of up to R1000 and allow you to repay the loan in up to 30 days. Their loans are open to all kinds of people who meet their basic lending requirements.

Quick Online Cash Loans in South Africa — Payday Gorilla

Payday cash loans are designed to specifically help customers get the money they need in the shortest time frame. With Payday Loans, you can access loans on the same day that you applied. Payday Loans evaluates loans quickly and most accurately by examining applicant’s bank statements and other supporting documents. After they receive your completed application form and the other requested documents, you will be informed of whether your loan has been approved of for a fast loan.

Before you apply, you should know the rates and fees upfront to save yourself unexpected and careless trouble as consequences.  Payday loans has made this easy by being a transparent lender, they have made conscious effort to make their rates, fees, requirements, and processes for their users.

How do you know payday loans are the best for you?

The interest rates on payday loans online in South Africa are higher than most other loans and should only be used if absolutely necessary. You should be certain that you are able to afford the repayments and that you do not rely on payday loans for regular living monthly costs.

We encourage responsible lending and therefore recommend that you should not borrow more than you need. You should also ensure that you repay your installments when they are due, through to the end of the loan term, to ensure your loan is repaid as quickly as possible. Delaying or missing payments on a payday loan could make it very expensive due to penalty costs and extra fees.

Payday Loans offers

  • A loan minimum of R500
  • A loan maximum of R1000
  • Loan term minimum of 4 days
  • Loan term maximum of 31 days
  • An average processing time of 2 hours
  • Online application
  • It doesn’t matter whether you have bad credit beforehand.
Eligibility & requirements
  1. You must be employed in a full-time contract.
  2. A working email address
  3. An active mobile number
  4. Recent paychecks
  5. Bank statements
How to apply for payday loans
  • Visit the online website and instant applications.
  • Sign-up or register your profile. Fill every required information and submit your applications.
  • All you have to do now is just wait…a little for confirmation of approval. The waiting period is just to double check all the information you submitted.
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