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Mazuma Loans

About Mazuma Loans

Mazuma loans is a loan broker based in South Africa. Mazuma loans South Africa is connected to a wide network of registered loan providers in South Africa and it itself based in Cape Town.  It is that network which they use to assess online applications and then match these with the best lender in South Africa.

Mazuma loans Cape Town operate the back office of Mazumaloans in South Africa.

Mazuma loans will find you a lender whether you have been blacklisted, just have a bad credit record or if you are looking for the best loan deal in South Africa.

They cover all kinds of loans, from payday loans to medium term loans and long terms loans. Mazuma is your one stop shop for online loan applications in South Africa.

Why choose Mazuma Loans?

mazuma loans south africa

Mazuma loans operates as an online loan broker.  You only need to make one application and your loan will be assessed against hundreds of lenders in South Africa.  Mazuma has a connection with these lenders and knows which one will accept a certain application based on their criteria.

Mazuma loans is also able to put you in touch with other loan providers that most South Africans may not be aware of.  Mazuma loans can negotiate a better interest rate for you with the lender where this is possible.  Take a look at Mazuma loans reviews on the internet and you will see that this is the top loan broker in South Africa.

Making an application through Mazuma loans also guarantees that you do not tarnish your credit record by seeming to be applying for credit to many loan providers within a short period of time.

Because Mazumaloans understand the lenders and their criteria and they have a close relationship with them, they will assess your application and forward it to the provider that will give you the best loan and the best terms.  This way, you only make one loan application but you are assessed against hundreds of lenders criteria.

What types of loans does Mazuma offer?

Mazuma does not limit the kind of loans they offer to their customers.  They offer loans in value from R 1,000.00 to R 200,000.00.  They offer payday loans if you require a small amount of money to bridge a financial gap in your life and these are usually repayable within 30 to 60 days.

They also offer short term, medium term and long term loans of any amount up to R 200,000.  This means that the loan can be repaid within any length of time not from 3 months right up to 72 months.

How to apply?

Applying for a loan through Mazuma Loans is fast simple and above all secure.  To begin with, you must be a South African citizen with a 13 digit bar coded ID document.  You must be 18 years and older and operate a South African bank account.

All you need to do is go onto the Mazuma loans website and click on the “Apply” button.  This will lead you to a form which you must fill in with all the necessary information regarding your income and other information necessary for the credit application.

Within a few minutes to a few hours, Mazuma loans will assess your loan and inform you which loans you qualify for.  You must then choose the lender you would like to get your loan from.  Once this is done, you will be put in touch with the lender to complete paperwork and other legal requirements, before your loan is disbursed to you within hours.

Mazuma loans complies with protection of personal information laws in South Africa and therefore your information is kept confidential.

They also use the most up to date software to make sure that your information and data is secure from cyber hackers or any other threats that may compromise your personal information.

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