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Loan SA is a personal loan brokerage website in South Africa that can be found on the loan aggregating site, LoansSA works as a loan brokerage website.  They are therefore a loan broker and through the site, one can access many loans offered in South Africa under the best conditions. Under the Loan SA product, one can apply for a loan and the results are given to you within 3 minutes.

Loan SA has vast experience with providing loans in the South African market.  They process 400,000 loan applications monthly and each one is given a response in the agreed upon timelines

Loan SA uses an intelligent platform where one can make an application by inserting their information and within a couple of minutes, they will know the outcome.

Loan SA gives loans of between R 500 to R 150,000 for a period of up to 36 months.  This means that customers can take out a Loan SA loan to pay off their existing loans and consolidate these loans into one affordable and manageable loan via online banking.

Quick Personal Loans — Loan SA
  • Reasons to use Loans SA

Loan SA is the most convenient loan broker in South Africa.  You just enter your details on the website and answer a few questions and within 3 minutes you will have a response.  There are no call centres, so you do not have to talk to anyone or use money making calls to call centre agents.

The process is quick and seamless as it relies on services that take all your information, collates it, makes an assessment and immediately returns a result all within 3 minutes.

  • How to make an application through Loan SA

In order to apply, one must be a South African citizen with a South African 13 digit ID number.  Applicants must be at least 18 years old at the time of contract and have a fixed monthly income of at least R 1,500 a month.

Note that the applicant does not necessarily need to be a salaried employee only that they must make at least R 1,500 a month.  This means that self employed individuals can also apply and their income will be calculated on the average amount that they earn monthly for purposes of calculating the loan amount.

Lastly, applicants must possess a South African bank account as transactions will go through the South African bank account.

With Loan SA loan applications, one does not need to send through any documents or scan through anything.  All information is given online and verified there.

  • How can Loan SA help you

Loan SA helps you make a loan application in the shortest time period of 3 minutes, therefore saving you money.  By making one loan application for hundreds of loans available in South Africa, your credit record is not affected as the system only registers one application whereas if you were to apply to each provider individually yourself, this would negatively impact your credit score.

Loan SA also assists clients with a poor credit record or who have garnishees or other negative credit traits. Bad credit history won`t prevent you to get the loan.

Loan SA makes sure that you get the best loan for you regarding repayment period, interest rate and principal amount.

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