About Little Loans

LittleLoans is registered as Easy Little Loans, and provides quick short-term loans in South Africa. They work independently, offering quick loans in South Africa ranging from R500 to R2,500.

With Little Loans:

  • There are no hidden fees – What you see is what you pay.
  • You will get your cash within hours, not days.
  • A simple & easy online loan application.
AmountPeriod What you’ll need
From R500 to R8000
for new customers
30 days1. To be a South African
citizen, 2. Over 21,
3. Have a regular income
Little Loans Quick Cash — Payday Gorilla


A short-term loan might be exactly what you require keeping in mind the end goal to meet your monthly budget and still be able to come out each month with some cash to spare. The LittleLoans experts will work out the best arrangement for you, considering your cash loan request, amount needed, and ability to pay it back each month.

LittleLoans Payday Loans — Payday Gorilla

With LittleLoans, you can choose from a number of personal loans, quick cash loans and payday loans ranging from as little as R500 to R2,500. Loan repayments are made in one instalment, contingent upon the sum you have acquired.

They profit when their clients pay back consistently, and in turn, their clients can benefit by keeping their credit score clean and creating a good profile for themselves as a responsible lender. Their yearly rate is 60%. All accumulations are done by means of charge request.

Bad credit record? It doesn’t matter

Anybody can have access to these loans, even you have bad credit, LittleLoans still has the ability to assist wherever they can.

To apply for your quick cash loan, complete the very simple and quick online application or send for free “please call me” in the event that you might want one of their experts to call you.

Getting a LittleLoan is simple
  1. Step 1: Simply calculate how much you want to borrow on the convenient online loan calculator, and it will immediately work out how much your instalments will be and what other charges are involved.
  2. Step 2: Then move onto your online application, send, get approved, and get your cash!

LittleLoans is providing quick cash for their clients, with fast pay out processes, and convenient and affordable repayment options.

  • Online loans
  • NCR registered lender
  • Quick cash loans
  • Urgent cash
  • Personal loans online
  • Easy loan application
  • Micro loans up to R2,500
  • Approval within hours

A cash loan may be precisely what you require remembering the final objective is to meet your budgetary needs and still have the ability to live comfortably without your entire paycheck.

The LittleLoans specialists will work out the best course of action for you, considering your cash requirement and capacity to pay it back every month.

Getting a quick loan is straightforward

Essentially you can punch in the amount you need to obtain on the helpful online loan calculator, and it will instantly work out how much your portions will be and what different charges are included.

At that point move onto your online application, send, get endorsed, and get your cash! These loans will meet every emergency and miscellaneous needs on time.