FinChoice Loans

FinChoice Loans

About FinChoice

Based in Cape Town, FinChoice is a digital financial services provider and a member of the HomeChoice Group. Their main goal as a loan provider is to help South Africans secure the amount of cash they need quickly and effortlessly. Being a South African citizen and having a bank account are the only requirements for a FinChoice loan application. If you need a quick loan paid out to you immediately, FinChoice will help you get the needed cash to your bank account.

Why Choose FinChoice Loans

Besides fast and extremely flexible loans, FinChoice financial services include funeral cover policies. Believing that family always comes first, FinChoice offers a variety of plans to meet your needs and requirements. New customers at FinChoice can loan up to R40 000 on their first day working with the service. Those who have already borrowed money can also get a second FinChoice loan very easily. Another reason why you should choose FinChoice loans is that they offer a flexible mobile application that makes quick money loans available whenever you need them.

What Types of Loans Does FinChoice offer

FinChoice offers four different types of loans and service plans including the following:

  • Personal loans – Loan up to R8 000 and repay the money within 6 months to qualify for a higher loan of up to R40 000.
  • KwikAdvance Loans – This plan includes small loans of up to R3 500, which you can repay the next pay day.
  • Funeral Cover

How to Apply for FinChoice Loans

The first step of the FinChoice loan application procedure includes choosing whether you are a new or an existing customer. You will then be taken to an online application form that you need to fill out with details such as your address and bank account information. Upon choosing your repayment method and submitting your income proof, you will quickly get a response from the FinChoice team. They will let you know whether your application for a specific loan was accepted.

How FinChoice Helps You

FinChoice takes pride in providing easily attainable loans on the go. No matter where you are, as long as you have the FinChoice mobile application you can easily apply for a loan within minutes. Setting up a FinChoice account is free so you don’t have to worry about any extra expenses. No matter which type of FinChoice loan you opt for, you will be protected by the FinChoice Personal Protection Plan in case of job loss, disability, or death. FinChoice loans service has got you covered in case any of these three circumstances stop you from repaying the loan in time.

  • The funeral cover policy allows loans from R10 000 to R50 000 per person. You can add up to four biological, adopted, or step-parents to your funeral cover plan.
  • FinChoice MobiMoney – The FinChoice MobiMoney is a mobile app that allows you to loan up to R10 000 and get the money sent to you the same day. This plan includes flexible repayment dates within one to three months of borrowing the money.

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