All you need to know about  Easy Cash Loans

  • Why choose Easy Cash Loans South Africa

EasyCashLoans is a personal loan broker that has been providing personal loan, payday loan services to the South African public for a period covering over three years.

They are the brand to trust when it comes to personal loans in South Africa as they have processed over 60,000 applications a year from inception. This means they have processed about 200,000 personal loan applications since beginning operations.  It is this experience that stands them in good stead in terms of efficiency and overall customer service of their customers.

  • What are the benefits of using EasyCashLoans and what are their principles

The customer is the most important aspect of the Easy Cash Loans business.  As a broker, they only use reputable, registered, verified brokers and money lenders who are bound by various rules to make sure that they treat Easy Cash loans customers with integrity and honesty.

Using EasyCashLoans, therefore means you are protected by the credit laws of South Africa.  Easy cash loans operates within a niche market in the South African economy. They therefore understand the needs of their customers and know how to assess and give them the best possible service.  Easy Cash Loans will make sure that you are awarded the loan amount that you qualify for. They make sure that their customers understand that personal loans should be used as opportunities to better oneself.  For example, to make purchases of a car, furniture, for education purposes or other such reasons.

EasyCashLoans — Personal Loans from Gorilla

With Easy Cash Loans, you will get the best interest rate according to your profile and your repayment period is made to suite your budget.

Apply for a Loan

  • How to does one apply for a loan through Easy Cash Loans online South Africa

With EasyCashLoans, the customer can apply for a loan of up to R 150,000 depending on one’s monthly income.  The process is very simple.

In order to apply, the user must be over 18 years of age and be in possession of a South African ID.  One must also be employed with monthly income being paid to them.

On the Easy Cash Loans website, need to just fill in the online application forms, which basically asks for your name, ID number, loan amount being requested and the name of your employer as well as your position at your place of employment.

Personal Loans SA — EasyCashLoans

Once this page is filled in, the system will prequalify you to make sure you qualify for a personal loan.  Once your personal loan is approved you will receive an SMS from Easy Cash Loans and you can proceed to getting the money sent to your bank account after all other processes have been completed.

How can one be disqualified from obtaining a loan via Easy Cash Loans

  • What s can prevent you from getting a loan through Easy Cash Loans?

While it is fairly easy and straight forward to get a loan from EasyCashLoans, there are instances where an individual may not qualify for a personal loan.

For instance, if you have been placed or placed themselves under debt review, EasyCashLoans will not be able to qualify you for a personal loan. If an individual has filed for bankruptcy or has declared himself insolvent or has been declared insolvent by a competent court of law, they will not qualify for an EasyCashLoans personal loan. If an individual is under administration and cannot manage their own affairs or an individual is under a debt restructuring program, this will preclude them from getting access to an EasyCashLoans personal loan.

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  • How secure is your data

When making a personal loan application through Easy Cash Loans, you can be assured that your data and information is secure.

All information is secured according to the laws governing the security of customers information.  EasyCashLoans employ the latest technology to make sure that the integrity of their customers’ data is kept secure at all times.

How can Easy Cash Loans help you

  • Services – Easy Cash Loans

EasyCashLoans has flexible personal cash loans available to all their customers.  Depending on the personal loan you qualify for, you will be required to pay back the loan within 12 to 72 months.  These personal loans can have a value of up to R 150,000 depending on your monthly income and the credit amount you qualify for.

There is always a credit agent from the lender who is available to talk to you about affordability and the best loan for your requirements and circumstances.

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  • Great credit plans on offer

With Easy Cash Loans, you will be assured of the best credit plan for you as they make sure you have the best interest rates negotiated based on your profile.  EasyCashLoans is definitely the place to get a personal loan through, in South Africa, if you are looking for a quick, easy and flexible solution.

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