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About Binixo loans

Binixo Loans — Quick Cash Online

Binixo Loans is a South Africa-based credit facility company dedicated to solving the financial problems of companies and consumers. Binixo Loans was one of the first credit brokerage firms to introduce the concept of the online loan application.

Binixo is an international fin-tech company, and it was set up to make the process of obtaining credits extremely easy. Binixo aims to provide loans for small needs as well as for major needs. Binixo is an internationally recognized loan servicing agency, and they have risen in popularity due to the ease of loan application and approval. The Binixo brand has established itself across several countries of the world as a reliable financial servicing company that offers a democratic approach to lending.

Why choose Binixo loans

Binixo’s loan service is set up to attend to the needs of the everyday person who might need money for an emergency and seeks to avoid the bureaucracy of traditional lending institutions. In addition to providing quick loans, Binixo also offers an extension of payment dates in case you’re not able to meet with the earlier agreed date.

Loan approval at Binixo takes very little time as they understand that time of essence to their clients. Also, there’s an in-built calculator on Binixo’s online portal where you can calculate exactly how much you would need to pay back.

Binixo — Quick Cash Loans in South Africa

What sort of loans does Binixo offer

Loans at Binixo begin from as little as R300 and can get up to R9000. Binixo’s online loan application service is available 24 hours each day of the week, and the loan periods can be chosen from 1 to 30 days. The first loan application can be issued at a 0 % interest rate with subsequent loans calculated at an interest rate of 0.16% per day.

How to apply for loans

Binixo Loans South Africa — PaydayGorilla

Application for loans with Binixo is very easy and involves four simple steps:

  • Set the amount you want to withdraw and the due date
  • Fill an online form
  • Sign a contract pre-approval
  • Your money gets credited to your account

Binixo makes the process of loan application very simple with a wholly automated online loan application process. Identity confirmation and collection of the required information is done in a simplified and comfortable format for users.

How Binixo loans help you

We need money for everyday life, but sometimes the money is not available, and this is where loans come handy. Loans are provided to attend to pressing needs, which may occur at any time.

Binixo has made the process of loan application very easy and kept the process transparent. Loans from Binixo can be used to finance businesses, health, holidays, hobbies and about everything else. These loans are available in small and larger amounts, making Binixo a reliable source of credit for everyone and every need.

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